pale i paliki

Stakes and poles

Our flagship product are pressure-impregnated pine stakes and poles for fruit growing industry, gardening and viticulture. Poles and stakes are also used in the construction of fences, palisades when strengthening quays, as well as in the creation of structures and anti- tower fortifications and anti-hail protection systems. When pine posts are peeled, pine bark chips are generated as a by-product. The chips are also in our product range.


The IVth class impregnation
(to wood contact with soil)

We deliver high quality pressure-impregnated posts because the timber is treated until it is fully saturated. We maintain high pressure in the autoclave until the preservative penetrates deep into the wood of each post and stake. This process is monitored by computers.


Double impregnation

In 2017, we added a double impregnation service to our range of products and services. Posts and stakes are first pressure-impregnated in the autoclave and then additionally saturated with hot creosote oil. This is the most effective wood impregnation method. When heated wood cools down in oil, it absorbs the preservative. Only ground contact parts are treated with creosote. The oil is used to impregnate long-lasting railway sleepers and telegraph poles. The creosote oil provides protection against copper-tolerant fungus Poria vaillanti.